Susie Weller WCQR2018

Susie Weller

National Centre for Research Methods

Dr. Susie Weller is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, with 18 years experience of conducting and managing qualitative research, including longitudinal work, across a range of publicly-funded, high profile studies.  Her recent publications on QLR have explored issues of morality, ethics and creative research practices, as well as contributing to the development of new analytic approaches, e.g. ‘Using internet video calls in qualitative (longitudinal) interviews: some implications for rapport’ International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 2016.

National Centre for Research Methods panel on ‘Methodological Innovations in Generating and Reusing Qualitative Data’

In this panel session, qualitative researchers working in NCRM, based at the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh, will present their separate and collaborative work.  They will discuss new and emerging methodological approaches and innovative techniques in generating and reusing qualitative data – from the implications for rapport in using Skype to conduct in-depth interviews, and researching ‘liveable lives’ in a public space, to conducting secondary data analysis with large volumes of qualitative data from several archived qualitative studies while retaining qualitative integrity. Read more >>